'One Piece' chapter 859 spoilers: Pirates team up to take down Big Mom but plans may fail

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Luffy and Bege will collide to bring down Big Mom and stop the fixed marriage of Sanji and Lady Pudding in chapter 859 of "One Piece." However, they may not be successful in their mission.

Back in the previous chapter of the anime, Luffy and the rest were already preparing and making plans to take down Big Mom, with Bege taking the lead in coming up with possible strategies to carry out the plan.

In chapter 859, spoilers reveal that Bege will suggest using a KX launcher weapon to defeat their enemy. The said weapon comes with 5 grams of toxic organophosphate, which could poison their target in just five minutes.

The idea may be good and could give them a chance to defeat Big Mom, but since the Straw Hats and the Firetank Pirates have issues in their alliance as well, that may become their weakness and could hinder their success in executing their plans. In addition to that, they are discussing their agenda in front of Brûlée, who is very loyal to Big Mom. Although he is tied up, he may find an opportunity to escape and spill the plot to Big Mom. Aside from this, Big Mom may also have other moles among the group who could easily reveal their assassination tactics to her.

In addition, another plan that they are looking into is taking advantage of the photo of Mother Caramel. Back then, Big Mom lost her mind and had a violet rage when somebody touched Mother Caramel's photo. This resulted in wounding her knees. Since the technique seems to have worked in the past, they may attempt to try it again on her.

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that Lady Pudding will attempt to erase the memory of some of their guests in the wedding so that she can become a "good child" once again. She may also harm Sanji during their wedding ceremony.

"One Piece" chapter 859 will be released on Monday, March 20.

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