One Million Moms Slams Zales Jewelers for 'Normalising Sin' With Lesbian Wedding Advertisement

Zales Jewelers features a lesbian wedding in its latest TV commercial.(YouTube Screenshot/Zales)

The Christian watchdog group One Million Moms (1MM) is upset with Zales Jewelers because the diamond retailer is now featuring lesbian weddings in their ads.

The group wrote on their website that Zales should be ashamed for trying to "normalise sin" by featuring two women getting married in their latest commercial. In it, the two women wore wedding gowns and exchanged vows and wedding bands.

"Zales is promoting same-sex marriage and their new 'Love and Pride' Collection. The 'Love and Pride' wedding band collection, designed for the LGBTQ community with rainbow and matching bands, is 'promoting Equality, Diversity, and Unity' and 'celebrate their Love with Pride,'" 1MM shared.

Because Zales is using public airwaves to promote their new ad, Christian families are now subjected to society's growing decay of morals and values. They are also accused of belittling the sanctity of marriage in an attempt to please society's wishes.

"Even though homosexuality is unnatural, this advertisement is pushing the LGBTQ agenda. An even greater concern is that the commercial is airing when children are likely watching television," 1MM stated. "To make matters worse, this ad has aired during family viewing time such as football games and primetime shows."

The group clarified that they have no objection to the group airing the ad; however, they are objecting to the retailer's decision to introduce kids to "social issues" through the commercial. A lot of American families still believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman only. 1MM slammed Zales for refusing to remain neutral in the culture war.

"That is a parent's decision, not theirs. Zales is glorifying sin, and no sin should be placed in the spotlight and honored. This goes for homosexuality as well," they said.

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