'Once Upon A Time' season 4 spoilers: Casting call for 'Frozen' Elsa, Anna, Olaf cast

The fourth season of the hit TV series "Once Upon A Time" will feature the "Frozen" fairytale and the producers admitted that the search for the leading characters continues.

The itching question posed to "Once Upon A Time" season 4 is who will play the roles of Anna and Elsa in the small screen? Show creator Adam Horowitz cleared up the rumors through an update in his Twitter account. The executive producer posted a photo of a casting note that indicates which OUAT scene that actresses will act out in order to bag the role of the ice queen. The caption reads, "The search continues."

Unlike in the "Frozen" movie, Elsa in OUAT will play the role of a villain just like how Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) and Zelena the Wicked Witch (Rebecca Mader) played villains in previous seasons. This is in line with the TV series' tradition of narrating a different take on the fairytale.

Many fans are excited about the new season of the TV series. However, many are worried that OUAT will steer away from the beloved movie version. However, showrunners assured fans that the series will stay faithful with the film.

"For us, I think this is Elsa from Frozen. That was kind of the inspiration... Will there be our own elements put to it? Yes. Like all things like we do with Snow White or Peter Pan or Captain Hook, we take our own kind of twist on it but remaining faithful to the actual essence of the character," said the producers.

Meanwhile, latest reports claimed that the fourth season of the hit TV show will feature Belle and Rumplestiltskin as one of the few married couples on the show. It seems that Rumple still has secrets, and it looks like Belle will find out about one of them.

The fourth season of "Once Upon A Time" will come back in fall.