'Once Upon a Time' season 5B premiere: Dorothy, Peter Pan reunite with Storybrooke characters

Fans of "Once Upon a Time" will get more surprises when the fantasy series returns for the second half of season 5.

Series co-creator Adam Horowitz recently posted the details of episode 18 via his Twitter account. The post teased the script for the episode, which is titled "Ruby Slippers."

This post confirmed that the gang from Storybook will take a trip to Oz, and Dorothy will return to the series. But this time, Dorothy will be all grown up and the role will now be portrayed by "Chicago Fire" actress Teri Reeves.

According to Bustle, Dorothy's return will make her more fearless. She is now ready to beat all the bad guys, including Zelena (Rebecca Mader). This could mean that another big battle should be expected when the series returns in March. However, Horowitz did not provide further details about the story.

Meanwhile, Robbie Kay will reprise his role as Peter Pan in the 100th episode of "Once Upon a Time."

In a previous interview with Comic Book Resources, the 20-year-old British actor admitted that he was surprised to get a call from the show.

"It was an absolute joy working on that show, so it was cool to come back into it for a little bit and see the old faces with the crew and hang out with the cast again," Kay said. "It was fun to get back into the shoes of that character after two years. Pan is now being seen in a bit of a different way, in a different light, so it's fun to delve back into that."

However, fans should expect to see a different Peter Pan when he returns to "Once Upon a Time" season 5, since the character has already spent quite some time in the Underworld.

"Once Upon a Time" season 5 returns on March 6 on ABC.