OM’s Logos Hope ship hit by critical engineer shortages

The ship is searching for a new chief engineer and two first engineers who work on the ship from mid-May for up to two years.

Since its launch in 2009, Logos Hope has welcomed onboard one and a half million visitors. Some 15,000 people visited the ship when it stopped by London just after its launch.

The ship is host to the largest floating book fair in the world, with around 6,000 titles, and has various facilities that provide teaching seminars wherever the ship is docked.

It is served by a 350-strong international crew made up entirely of volunteers, including captain and officers, who bring much needed spiritual and educational resources to regions where these may be lacking.

The crew also take part in outreach in the local communities in partnership with churches.

This year, the ship is scheduled to visit ports in the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia but its visits depend on whether it has engineers in place to keep the ship running.