Nvidia news: New tool discovered as an update finder substitute for GeForce Experience

Nvidia GeForce official websiteA view of the GeForce Experience software user-interface (UI).

Nvidia graphics processing unit (GPU) owners who are inconvenienced by Nvidia's proprietary GeForce Experience software can now minimize its use or get rid of it altogether, as a new third-party tool for checking driver updates has just been made available.

The new tool, an open-source program called "TinyNvidiaUpdateChecker" is available now on GitHub. The tiny application supposedly checks for NVIDIA GeForce GPU drivers. It is written in C-sharp (C#) code for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The application, when launched, will automatically search for the corresponding drivers needed for the user's GPU. More importantly, it is light at just 129 kilobytes (kb) compared to hundreds of megabytes (mb) needed for the GeForce Experience.

This is especially time-saving for users who manually search for the drivers in Nvidia's GeForce website. It also alleviates the frustration of using GeForce Experience software, which many consider as "bloatware."

The light software also boasts an important tweak where it can install the needed Nvidia drivers without needing the installer itself. This will require a WinRAR extraction software to cherry pick the core GPU drivers instead of the usual bulk download of Physics, HD Audio, Geforce Experience, 3D drivers, and more.

The system requirements are also negligible for the said tool, requiring either Windows 7, 8, or 10, a .NET framework 4.5, the HtmlAgilityPack.dll in same folder as the executable (which is automatically placed in future versions of the tool download), the optional WinRAR, and a stable internet connection.

Regardless, the tool only replaces the GeForce Experience driver updates and will not replace the proprietary software's Shadowplay and Ansel screenshot features. Nvidia owners who still stream using Shadowplay might still want to keep the software despite its resource requirements. 

One important function of the GeForce Experience, according to PC Gamer, is its ability to clean the previous settings and installation options of older Nvidia drivers, something which the new light tool lacks.

The new tool will definitely benefit users with limited hard drive space, and computers with low-end specifications. Otherwise, it is not really a necessary replacement. The tool is available for download here.