Not helping poorest parents 'unjust'

The Bishop of Bristol has welcomed the Government's additional £750m investment to subsidise childcare costs but says it may not help the poorest families.

Under a new £1bn childcare voucher scheme, working parents earning up to £150,000 will receive up to £1,200 towards childcare costs from 2015.

The Right Reverend Mike Hill said he was worried the changes would assist those on high incomes while failing to help families most in need of support, such as those working part-time on the minimum wage.

"In these times of austerity, it feels unjust not to be targeting help at those who are trying to work their way out of poverty," he said.

The bishop welcomed the 0.7% of national income allocated to overseas aid but urged the Government not to introduce further cuts to welfare for those in need at home.

"I hope that this bold act of generosity will be extended to ensure greater awareness of the needs of low income families living in this country," he said.