Norfolk school offers prayer space

Students at Sheringham High School in Norfolk will have the chance to reflect on different aspects of Christian prayer over the coming days.

The high school's drama studio is being converted into a space for prayer and reflection from 8 to 12 July. The studio will be transformed by the addition of colourful fabric, lighting and cushions.

'Soul Space' will encourage pupils to think and reflect on their own lives and wider world issues. They can also engage with the space artistically and its appearance is expected to change as the students express themselves through acts of prayer and reflection.

The prayer space also supports aspects of the National Curriculum, particularly the GCSE full course in Philosophy and Ethics taking by all Year 11 students.

The Soul Space is being organised and hosted by Simon Fenn, of Church of England Holt Deanary, and Peter Skivington, Youth Minister at Sheringham Baptist Church.

"Working with Sam and Pete on the Soul Space has been fantastic, it has enabled us to build strong bridges between the Church and school community which is so important," said Fenn.

"We hope that through the space the young people will begin to explore their personal faith. I look forward to embarking on this journey with them."

Skivington said: "In a busy, high pace, high tech world I hope Soul Space will provide young people the opportunity to stop, to reflect, to ponder big questions and discover you can communicate with God in a huge number of simple and highly creative ways."

The space is also being supported by volunteers from other local churches and Sam Dangerfield, Head of Philosophy and Ethics at Sheringham High School.

Dangerfield said: "I am personally very excited about the week and the benefits to the pupils and community cohesion.

"The Soul Space will enable pupils to access aspects of Christian prayer in an experiential way that a classroom couldn't provide."

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