Norfolk headteachers take inspiration from geese

Headteachers from church schools in the Norwich Diocese will be coming together to learn more about connecting with their communities.

The day conference at Norwich Cathedral on Tuesday takes its inspiration from geese who work together in community and in formation.

Joining them for the day is John Bell, from the Iona Community, home to the Wild Goose Publications, and the Bishop of Thetford, the Right Reverend Dr Alan Winton.

They will share their insights on the importance of prayer and collaboration between schools, the church and community.

They will also launch new Prayer Space resources designed to encourage prayer among headteachers.

Diocesan Board of Education Director Andy Mash says: "This, our third annual conference for the leaders of church schools in the diocese, represents an opportunity for us all to celebrate the family of church schools.

"That is as true now as it has ever been but especially as the educational landscape around us continue to shift and we seek places to 'belong' and 'be'.

"The inspiration of the geese reminds us of the value of working together, helping and supporting one another and of flying in formation."