Noah Movie prompts more people to read the Bible; YouVersion reports 300 percent increase

Noah film gets more people to read the Bible.Wikipedia

Though 'Noah' has some Christians questioning the film's Biblical accuracy, the recently released movie has prompted more people to read the Bible.

On Wednesday, the YouVersion Bible app team reported their readership stats on Twitter, stating, "In the days after Noah hit theaters, people opening the Noah story in Genesis 6 increased about 300% in US & 245% globally on @YouVersion."

In detail, YouVersion reports that during the film's opening weekend, beginning March 28, the story of Noah was read or listened to 389,794 times on their app. That's about 129,931 times per day. The mobile application's team told Charisma News that these are the highest number of people exploring that passage that they've ever seen.

Charisma News also reports that Bible Gateway, another popular scripture site, has seen a 223 percent increase in their readership.

While these two online scripture sources can account for the number of people who are reading electronically, these numbers don't account for those who are turning to the paper-bound versions of the Bible we are all familiar with. Benny Perez, senior pastor of The Church at South Vegas, told Charisma News, "Our church members are reporting over and over that the first thing they're doing after seeing the movie is to pull out their Bibles and reread the story."

Though many Christians have expressed disapproval with how the film's interpretation of the Bible's most popular stories, at the very least, Noah has conquered a feat many Christians would be pleased with, and that's getting more people to read the Bible.

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