Noah film is 'Noah without God': Darren Aronofsky's version gets the thumbs down from the Vatican

A daily newspaper linked to the Vatican has given its verdict on the Noah blockbuster currently in cinemas and it's not good.

Avvenire describes Darren Aronofsky's take on the Old Testament story as "ecologically, and vaguely New Age, transforming the Biblical tale into a missed chance". 

Russell Crowe, who plays Noah in the film, has been on the defensive for the last few months as controversy mounted over the artistic licence being taken with the story. 

So sure was he of its greatness that he even flew all the way to Rome to plead with Pope Francis to see it.  It took two failed attempts before he was finally able to meet the Pope and receive his blessing. 

The review from Avvenire is the first word from the Catholic Church on the film and Crowe will be disappointed to hear the review also concluded that Noah was "a lost opportunity, Noah without God". 

In addition to Crowe, the film stars Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman and Emma Watson.

Watson said in the run-up to its release that she believed in a "higher power" and that the Bible version of Noah had to be tweaked to give dialogue and more roles to women.   

While faith groups voiced their concerns, Connelly came out to say she felt the film was true to the "essence, values, and integrity" of the Bible. 

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