'No Man's Sky' release date: game still launching in June 2016, delay reports false

[photo: Commons Wikimedia/no-mans-sky.com/]

Much-awaited adventure sci-fi survival video game "No Man's Sky" recently hit the headlines after reports suggested that so-called technical problems have impaired developer Hello Games to deliver to the promise that the title will come out in June 2016.

But according to iDigital Times, the reports are false and that the highly anticipated video game is still on target. On the Facebook page of the game, the "I've Seen Things" gameplay trailer from last month was reposted, with Hello Games reiterating the release timeframe.

"We recently announced No Man's Sky will be available June 2016 - with the help of Rutger Hauer," the developer wrote. The aforesaid site adds that the game studio maintains June 2016 as the release date of the heavily hyped procedurally generated space exploration game on its social media pages.

A few days ago, it was reported that Hello Games stumbled upon issues on the technical aspect of the highly anticipated adventure game that forced them to push back the launch. There were no specific details about these issues but reports said they were to blame for the lack of demo for the title too.

But in the past, Hello Games has emphasized how important it is for the company to put out "No Man's Sky" on the date they promised it would be available. Back in July, game director Sean Murray told IGN how big of a deal it is for them to stick with the plan.

"What really matters, though, the big thing for us, is that date when you actually get to play the game yourself. I know you aren't alone in wanting that to arrive as quickly as possible," Murray said. At that time, hype for the game was in all-time high.

A throng of gamers are excited about "No Man's Sky" plainly for the innovation and the uniqueness of the game. Thankfully, no postponement is happening.