'No comfort zone' for Egypt's Christians

Christians in Egypt are looking to God amid the ongoing social and political unrest.

There have been angry protests since President Mohammed Morsi announced new decrees giving himself sweeping powers and immunity from the courts.

The executive director of SAT-7's Egypt studio, Farid Garas, was in England to speak about the uncertainty facing Egypt and its Christians.

"Egypt's Christians don't know what to expect in the long term," he said.

"We know it won't be easy. We cannot stay in our comfort zones, because there are no comfort zones."

Despite the present difficulties, Garas said Egypt's Christians still had hope and were believing that "God is in control".

Christians are also discovering their unity, he said.

"The Church in Egypt has started to realise its strength. It has started to join together as one body and SAT-7 is a platform for that."

SAT-7 has organised several worship and prayer events to foster reconciliation in the last year. These events have been broadcast live by the satellite channel to millions of people in the region.

"I believe we're going to see the glory of God in a lot of things," Garas said.

"Because of persecution we're getting on our knees more, seeking God's protection, his guidance, and we are seeing many grow in faith. It is tough, but you see the joy."

He said SAT-7's role in this is "to be a voice of hope in Egypt, to help people see light in the darkness".

"We have a faithful staff who seek God and we want to serve all Egypt's people," he said.

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