'No Man's Sky: Atlas Rising' update: Patch successfully addresses issues, adds hours' worth of new content

Facebook/NoMansSkyA screenshot of "No Man's Sky" post "Atlas Rising" update.

The "Atlas Rising" update of "No Man's Sky" has been released, and it has received positive feedback from players. After receiving mixed reviews upon its launch, the developers at Hello Games have given the game a major improvement with this new patch.

Released on Aug. 17, "Atlas Rising" fixed some issues wherein cargo slots remained unlocked even after players had availed them. Non-player characters (NPCs) who had been recruited prior to the patch will be able to give missions, so players don't have to worry about missing out on some of the content.

Other issues addressed were some crash fixes and bugs from the previous versions.

As promised by the game developers, more content has been added to "No Man's Sky" — adding to what turned out to be a disappointingly short storyline with at least 30 more hours' worth of main quests and side quests. The main story will take players on a journey to find another explorer, which means that they will be jumping from planet to planet in their search.

Along the way, players will be able to build bases and recruit workers for the much-needed help of exploring the universe and resource gathering. This time around, the game has improved the tutorial for base building by providing step-by-step guides for newcomers to grasp the basics of it.

The update also comes with new side quests that further gives importance on building rapport with the alien races in the game. This option will allow for endless possibilities and multiple types of quests. The types of missions and rewards that will be gained from these quests will completely depend on the choices that each player makes within the game.

The major update might be too late for players who were deeply disappointed by the initial launch, but it has been receiving positive reviews. It is safe to assume that more updates will be coming in the next few months as Hello Games gains back their footing.

"No Man's Sky" is currently available for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC.