Nintendo NES Classic Edition stock news: eBay still has some after Amazon sells out

NES Classic EditionNintendo

Gamers can't get enough of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition but while the demand for the vintage console is high, stocks are very, very low as Nintendo struggles to keep up.

There were recent reports that Amazon had over 150 units in stock going for a higher price tag of $160 but it seems sold out in less than 24 hours.

Despite the sell-out on Amazon, it seems that there are still a few consoles left on eBay for around $149.99. Droid Report says there are 10 available stocks of the NES Classic Edition going for $144.

It's no wonder these consoles are selling out like hotcakes as the price is reasonable and gamers can rekindle the gaming days of their youth - the original came out in 1985 - and enjoy over 30 titles, including vintage ones and new additions.

Classic titles available to play on the vintage console are "Super Mario Bros.," "Legend of Zelda," and "Donkey Kong."

The Classic Edition is not without its drawbacks though, as it does not have a writable memory and owners can't install new games.  There is a modding solution to that with "Hakchi2" created by Russian developer Alexey Avdyukhin, although it requires installing an unsigned driver which comes with its own risks.

But let's just say, if you want to get your hands on one you will have to move real fast as once these ones sell out, it's probably going to be a while until there are more as Nintendo is struggling on the production side to keep up with demand.

Droid Report quotes Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, per the Nintendo of Life, as saying that the hold up in production is because some parts are difficult to get hold of.

"We apologize to our consumers and retail partners for the inconvenience caused by product shortages," Kimishima said. "Some parts require time to obtain, yet we are working to increase production."

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