Nintendo Switch updates: Improvements for easier Wii U porting, list of upcoming games

Facebook/NintendoSwitchA promotional image for the Nintendo Switch.

Japanese video game company Nintendo will be seeing more games after the updates that it will be constantly receiving. Appearing to steer away from the isolated and exclusive marketing strategy of the Wii U, the Switch is looking to diversify its games list but what impact will it have on the gaming community?

Nintendo-exclusive titles have been doing well so far, selling out copies of "Splatoon 2" and a significant number of "ARMS" as well as other titles. However, gamers have been experiencing some trouble with porting their save files to the new console, such as "Minecraft" save files from the Wii U to the Nintendo Switch. This is disappointing, especially since "Minecraft" will be opening the doors to cross-platform gaming soon.

Express UK also speculated whether Rockstar Games is considering to create Switch versions of acclaimed titles such as "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Red Dead Redemption." There currently hasn't been a discussion about this possibility, but it wouldn't hurt for them to make these games available to the Switch since these games have high replay value, and will be an entirely new experience for Nintendo players.

Improvements are going to occur for certain and "Minecraft" co-developer 4J Studios assured in a live stream that developments are currently in the works. Their priority now is to make sure that all Wii U game saves can successfully, be retrieved and integrated with the Switch.

The benefits of this feature will motivate players to continue their previous games on the latest console by Nintendo especially since the market for these games are very niche.

There is hype generated by the upcoming games that will be played on the Nintendo Switch. These games include Nintendo exclusive and classic games alike that will be new for players to experience on their console. Some of these are "Elder Scrolls: Skyrim," "FIFA 18" and "Monster Hunter."

The "Super Mario" franchise is looking to extend their prolific run as well, with "Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle" along with "Sonic Forces" which will follow "Sonic Mania."