Nickelodeon features married gay couple in 'The Loud House'

Gay couple Harold and Howard McBride with their son Clyde in a scene from 'The Loud House' episode 'Overnight Success.'(Screenshot/Twitter/LeoDaVinci)

The animated show "The Loud House" from Nickelodeon featured a gay married couple in the episode "Overnight Success," which was aired on Wednesday, July 20.

In the episode, the gay couple Harold and Howard McBride are voiced by comedian Wayne Brady and actor Michael McDonald, according to The Christian Post.

The series focuses on the life of Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters. Harold and Howard were weaved into the story because they are the parents of Clyde McBride, Loud's friend.

In a 51-second clip shared on Twitter, Harold and Howard were seen walking Clyde over to Loud's house. When Loud opens the door, he happily greets them, "Hey, Clyde. Hi, Mr. McBride. Hi, Mr. McBride."

Harold and Howard seem to be overprotective parents because they left tons of things with Clyde before leaving him—a sleeping bag, humidifier, dehumidifier, white noise machine, ear plugs, inhaler, allergy medications, and a list of phone numbers where they can be reached in case of an emergency.

Add to that, they even gave him a photo of themselves to make up for not being able to tuck him in that night.

Before leaving, Howard even gets down on his knees and cries. "He is growing up so fast," he sobs, while his partner tries to calm him down. Harold says, "Come on Howie, remember what Dr. Lopez said about letting go. Now, let go."

The inclusion of the gay couple in "The Loud House" merited mostly positive comments from netizens. "I feel like they handled that really well. Didn't make it too obvious, let it feel natural and unassuming like a regular family," a user named Scorch Muffins writes.

"Even if it was too obvious, it wouldn't be wrong. A gay couple is as natural and regular as a straight one," adds user Aitor.

However, there were also some who objected to it. "This is making history in the WORSE way! This is why my children will never be allowed to watch Nickelodeon," user FCE-Auto Inc. writes.