Nick Vujicic: If you're waiting for life to slow down before you do things, it won't

Nick VujicicLife without Limbs

Vujicic has got some bad news for people struggling with the manic pace of life and telling themselves they'll do the important things once they've got the time for them.

In his latest motivational minute video, the Life Without Limbs founder and evangelist has some honest advice: there's no point waiting for life to slow down because it won't.

In his view, the only way to make sure we do what we actually want to do is to organise our time effectively.

For Nick, good time management starts with making sure he has everything he needs - and wants - to get done in the day is "at least pencilled in".

And the needs and wants shouldn't only mean our work life, but the stuff of life itself; the vacation, the project we've had in the pipeline for a long time but never actually got around to starting.

"If you don't plan on doing it, I'm sorry but time doesn't stop for anyone. Do you have good time management or are you just continuing to tell your friends and family I'll come when everything slows down?" he says.

"I've got some bad news for you: it's not going to slow down. Here's the good news: get a grip on time management to not just exist but to live more."

Watch his inspirational minute video here: