Nichole Nordeman releases book, Love Story

Christian singer Nichole Nordeman has put her writing skills to a different use with her new book Love Story: The hand that holds us from the garden to the gates.

The book is out now from Worthy Publishing.

Nordeman delves into the Bible to tell the stories of ordinary people who chose to serve God with their lives.

They include Ruth and Naomi, David and Moses.

Nordeman reveals some of her own struggles and encourages Christians to do as the biblical greats did by holding onto God through everything.

"In every story and on every page, from the garden to the gates, I encountered God's people tucking His love into their satchels, sewing it into their robes, clutching it in fear, clawing at in anger, carving it into caves, collapsing into it, rejoicing, repenting, revising and rewriting their stories because they were...we perfectly loved," says Nordeman.

"The Bible is the ultimate used book that's falling apart in perfect condition, much like its cast of characters. Love stories, all of them."

The book is endorsed by pastor and bestselling author Max Lucado.

He says: "If Nichole Nordeman weren't so curious, creative, clever, and convicted, our generation would be missing its finest songs and pages.

"But she is curious, creative, clever, and convicted. And since she is, you are holding a book that will blow the dust off an old faith and give structure to a young one. Read it!"