Nibiru end times conspiracy theories refuse to disappear as NASA concedes Planet Nine may be real

(NASA, ESA)Light echo is seen around V838 Monocerotis, a dull star in an obscure constellation that suddenly became 600,000 times more luminous than our sun, temporarily making it the brightest star in our Milky Way galaxy in January 2002. The mysterious star, thought then to be the mythical Planet X, has long since faded back to obscurity.

NASA isn't sure mystery planet Nibiru even exists but that hasn't stopped conspiracy theorists linking it to biblical end time prophecies.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson is the latest religious theorist to claim that the alignment of Nibiru – also called Planet Nine or Planet X – is a prophetical precursor to the apocalypse.

He claims there are codes deep inside the Old Testament and that the words 'star Nibiru' can be found alongside 'Messiah.'

Conspiracy theorists like Glazerson believe the addition of another planet in our solar system could be a sign of the world coming to an end.

'This is a message to the entire world. Nibiru is to warn the world to repent. Not only Israel but also the world has to repent,' he said.

NASA has been shy to confirm the existence of Planet Nine but now it seems even the space agency is finding the evidence hard to ignore.

In its most recent update on the intriguing question, NASA said there was 'a possible 'Planet Nine' on the distant edges of our solar system. 

It may even be 'tilting the entire solar system to one side.' But it's an 'if' and a 'possible' at the moment, no more than that.

'The signs so far are indirect, mainly its gravitational footprints, but that adds up to a compelling case nonetheless,' it said.

And even if it does exist, NASA doesn't think it's going to go anywhere, let alone crash into planet Earth as conspiracy theorists predict.

'If a planet is there, it's extremely distant and will stay that way (with no chance -- in case you're wondering -- of ever colliding with Earth, or bringing "days of darkness"),' it said.

Christian numerologist David Meade is among the conspiracy theorists reading more into Planet Nine than NASA thinks they should.

He made headlines recently when he predicted the end of the world would get rolling on September 23. Then he changed to October 21 and said that the month of October would be 'action month' and kick off the seven years of tribulation.

As NASA continues to monitor the skies, conspiracy theorists seem to have made their own minds up.