New youth Bible study series from Authentic Media

Authentic Media has just published four new study guides to be used alongside the forthcoming Authentic ERV Youth Bible.

The ERV (easy to read) version has been developed over 30 years from its origins as the English Version for the Deaf.

The study guides have been produced by Chip and Helen Kendall and cover sexuality, peer pressure, following God, and image and self-esteem.

In the guide on sexuality, Chip and Helen take a look at what the Bible says about sex in order to help young people make sense of the confusing messages about sex that they are bombarded with in everything from magazines, to adverts, TV shows, music and conversations with friends.

The Peer Pressure booklet draws from stories of men and women in the Bible who either stood their ground or caved in when they were faced with pressure from friends.

The study also explores the 6 ‘Ins’: Influences, Intimidation, Insecurity, Individuality, Independence and Involvement, and how each contributes to the way we deal with peer pressure.

In Following God, Chip and Helen offers useful advice on how to hear God's voice and follow his plan for our life, as well as some of the hurdles we can face and the practical things we can do to make following him easier.

The Image and Self-Esteem study guide focuses on two of the fundamental human ‘needs’ of acceptance and identity, and how we can embrace who God wants us to be, not what others think we should be.