New sunscreen to protect ocean coral

Aethic is launching a new ecocompatible and marine positive sunscreen to ensure that it's not just our skin that's protected, but also the world's coral.

The Sôvée sunscreen was launched at the Selfridges department store in London on Tuesday.

It has been developed in response to a 2008 study which found that most sunscreens kill coral by activating a deadly virus latent in algae, the primary food source for coral. Once deprived of this food, the coral bleaches and dies within hours.

Testing on Sôvée found that both coral and mussels remained completely intact in the Coral Triangle in Indonesia and in the Mediterranean.

The product also contains three organic moisturisers - beeswax, olive oil and coconut extract - Vitamin E as a skin anti-oxidant, and only food grade preservatives.

The bottle is corn-plastic and biodegradable, and the box packaging is glue free.

Says Aethic chief executive Allard Marx: "For anyone who really cares about their skin and wants to feel good about leaving the ocean intact, Sôvée is the right choice."

The Sôvée sunscreen is available in store and from priced £40 for SPF 15, £44 for SPF 25, and £53 for SPF 40.

A proceed from the sale of every 150ml bottle will go to the Going Blue Foundation's Coral Nursery Fund, which aims to replenish and conserve threatened coral reefs.

Polly Alford, Managing Director at conservation holiday group ReefCI in Belize said: "We are delighted that Aethic has developed Sôvée, a product that leaves the coral reefs totally untouched and unharmed. Now we can enjoy our beautiful coral seas safely and responsibly without harming the environment - while at the same time protecting ourselves."

Watch this video to find out more about the impact of sunscreen on coral and marine life:

S.P.F. - how your usual sunscreen kills coral and marine life from GoBlueToo on Vimeo.