New Sorted taxi hits London

The Sorted taxi

UK-based Christian men's magazine Sorted is operating its very own Sorted Taxi, a fully liveried London taxi branded with the magazine's graphics. The taxi has been traversing the streets since June 18 and will continue for a year.

According to a Sorted press release, the taxi's dedicated driver will act as a special Sorted ambassador, distributing free copies of the magazine and explaining exactly what it stands for.

"We believe this is a tremendous opportunity and exciting and innovative way to reach thousands of people with the Christian message in the most exciting city on earth," says Sorted publisher and editor, Steve Legg.

He added: "Many people are reluctant to seek out a church or a typical Christian magazine, but we are confident that people will enjoy the variety, relevance and quality of Sorted whatever their belief system. I know they'll love it."

According to Sorted, on average, a taxi travels around 125 miles each and every day, which gives the Sorted Taxi plenty of mileage when it comes to sharing the Gospel.

The average taxi roams the streets six days a week for around 12 hours a day, which gives our driver stacks of time to chat with prospective Sorted readers.

Interestingly, 85% of taxi users are business people. This means that the Sorted Taxi has the potential to impact the lives of those at the very centre of UK industry and commerce. And with people spending an average of 22 minutes in a taxi, the driver has the opportunity to answer questions and explain how Sorted differs from other men's magazines as well as giving passengers a free magazine to take away with them.

Furthermore, research shows that around 25 million people will see a taxi advertisement in London each week, which indicates that a very large number of people will come into contact with the Sorted Taxi during the 12 months it is in operation.

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