New Premier slot examines social challenges

A new breakfast show slot looking at the reality of social and physical challenges begins on Premier Gospel on 8 May.

The 'Living with.....' will examine what day to day life is like for people with ME, dyslexia, deafness and other difficulties.

The three-minute stories will be told by the people experiencing them first hand.

The first slot will tell the story of ME sufferer Leanna, to coincide with National ME Awareness week.

In the next slot, listeners will hear the story of Patrick, who lives with dyslexia. Other issues highlighted in the series include single parenthood and immigration issues.

Station director Muyiwa Olarewaju said: "The new slot is all about people sharing the stories of their lives as they cope with issues which don't confront the majority of us and to which we consequently give very little thought.

"We hope to ignite the spark on the show and then bring listeners online to explore the issues and resources available on the PG website."