New Methodist Youth President elected

The Methodist Youth Assembly, 3Generate, has elected 19-year-old Megan Thomas as the Church's new Youth President Designate for 2014-15.

The assembly took place at the Pioneer Centre in Shropshire last weekend, where approximately 250 young Methodists gathered to discuss important issues and make decisions which will affect the life of the Church.

The role of Youth President is a yearlong part-time paid position within the Children and Youth team of the Methodist Church, and involves enabling and encouraging young people to get involved in every aspect of Church life.

Upon election, Megan called young people one of the Church's "greatest resources" and has stated her desire to ensure that no young person in the Methodist Church "feels that their age silences them".

"No young person should ever feel unimportant or insignificant, because we have a part to play in the future of the Church.

"If supported and equipped correctly, we will be the future leaders of the Church, so the youth of today can bring about a better tomorrow," she asserted.

The current Youth President, Tamara Wray, said she was delighted with Megan's election.

"3Generate offers an opportunity for young people to gather together to voice their faith, needs and opinions...Megan will do a great job of continuing to work for the needs of the Methodist youth of today," she said.

Megan will assume the role in September 2014.