New MAs in Literacy and Linguistics available at Redcliffe College

Redcliffe College has announced the successful validation by the University of Gloucestershire of two new MAs in Field Linguistics and Literacy Programme Development.

The MAs are taught in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL through Redcliffe's new Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy.

The courses provide students with the skills they need to engage in Bible translation and literacy training around the world.

Redcliffe Principal Rob Hay said, "The success of this validation is a tribute to the hard work of Redcliffe College and Wycliffe Bible Translators UK staff as they collaborate on integrating Wycliffe's training for Bible translation into Redcliffe's portfolio of courses.

"The university commended us in particular for the success of this process so far."

The two new MAs are available from this August.

Wycliffe UK's Executive Director, Eddie Arthur added, "We already see the benefits emerging of integrating the courses with Redcliffe existing offering and believe that the combination of technical excellence and global missiological awareness will strengthen the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators."