New live album from All Sons & Daughters

All Sons & Daughters are set to release their first full-length live album on 22 April from Integrity Music.

The acoustic folk duo comprises Leslie Jordan and David Leonard from Franklin, Tennessee.

The album, recorded in Nashville at Oceanway Studios, will include popular songs "Reason to Sing" and "All the Poor and Powerless" along with new songs.

They started out writing songs together for their local church and strive to balance out the corporate and personal moments of worship.

"Our main goal is to create this space where people can come and engage with God, and we kind of get out of the way," she said.

"There's a level of intentionality to everything we do. We really strive to make things as beautiful and appealing as we would want them to be."

The live album is deeply spiritual and offers a sense of intimacy in praising the Lord.

"My God My King" is a beautiful song that affirms the temporariness of everything we have in this world and unconditional nature of praise, that no matter what, we will always praise God because this is what lasts - "I will sing, sing to my God my King for all else fades away."

Warm vocals, beautiful harmonies, gentle acoustic compositions will revive hearts everywhere.

Hear Leslie and David talk more about their heart for worship here: