New insurance website helps consumers give while they shop

A new insurance price comparison website has been set up to help consumers give while they shop.

The Care2Save website will allow customers to buy their buildings and contents insurance at the same time as supporting their favourite charities.

The recipient charities will also have a new source of crucial funds that will continue year on year for as long as customers choose to renew their policy through Care2Save.

The service also promises to give the full percentage of commission normally pocketed by a company for introductions to the charities.  

Eighty per cent of the profit due to Care2Save will go directly to a customer's charity of choice, while the remaining 20 per cent will be redistributed by the Care2Save Charitable Trust to hospices and palliative care projects in the UK and around the world.

Andrea Fragata Ladeira, chief of the Care2Save Charitable Trust and pioneer of the initiative, said the service was starting with insurance products with plans to expand later into other utilities.  

"We are immensely proud of Care2Save which we are wholly confident will give people a new way to donate money to charity," she said.

"It is becoming more difficult for charities to raise the money they need to continue making a difference. The generous people of the UK want to give and continue to do so but we are all feeling the effects of the economic downturn. Added to which Government funds are stretched and decisions about where services can be cut are being made all over the country.

"Care2Save offers great products, excellent service and a competitive price and allows customers to give a gift that makes a real difference to any cause, close to their heart." 

Mrs Fragata Ladeira continued: "It is our desire that the maximum amount of good comes out of this exciting charity. We hear so many stories about underfunded charities, and others concerning businesses behaving unethically, and often feel powerless to make a difference.

"If we can create funding for charities to do more in our communities simply by choosing to buy through Care2Save, and potentially save ourselves some money, then why wouldn't we make that choice?"

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