New faith-based web series to show struggles of Christian parents in raising godly children

A scene from the new Parent Compass online web series shows a family praying together before meal.(Screenshot/Parent Compass TV Show)

Christian parents are increasingly facing a difficult task in raising their kids to become God-fearing individuals at a time when society is embracing sin and persecuting Christians for taking the moral high ground.

To help motivate parents to stand firm in God's truth, Parent Compass television has announced that it is launching an online web series that will share the struggles faced by Christian parents everywhere now that culture is changing at an alarming pace.

The online web series will have 12 parts, which will begin airing on May 20. Christian couples will share their homes to viewers as they discuss their marriages, parenthood, and faith. Even though these families all have different racial and economic backgrounds, they are united in their love for God, CBN News reports.

Parent Compass founder and president Natalie Jones told CBN News that the series is unique, adding that she hopes it will serve as a light to moms and dads who are in need of emotional and spiritual inspiration.

"Parents feeling overwhelmed and isolated now have true stories of God's peace amidst endless difficulties," she said. "No one has to parent alone. God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are waiting for us to ask for help."

One episode will feature the Pitt family, comprising of a couple and their four daughters. One of them is Alena, who is the girl jumping rope in the faith-based film "War Room." Mark and Shanell Rusk, who built a Habitat for Humanity home for a blended family of 11, will also be a part of the series.

Couples in the show will talk about drugs, teen arguments, job loss, church issues, and finding forgiveness, among other things.

"For encouragement in daily family life, meet real parents in real homes, working to walk with God. Parent Compass helps us walk together in the right direction," says Jones.

Parent Compass is also opening its website for parents who want to seek prayer requests after each episode.