New documentary to tell Greenbelt story

(Photo: Greenbelt)

The Greenbelt Festival is as popular now is it was when it first began in 1974.

Now the forty years that have passed since its humble beginnings in a Suffolk field will be captured in a feature-length documentary film.

The highs and lows of Greenbelt over the last decades will be told through rare archive footage and photography, music from the four decades, and voices past and present.

As much as it is a fond nod to the past, the documentary promises to look towards the future in keeping with the 40th festival theme of "Life Begins".

Paul Northup Greenbelt Festival Director said: "Together, our hope is that we can make this a truly memorable film about Greenbelt's 40-year history – and the next phase of the journey. Just as the festival at its best does, this campaign offers everyone a chance to be involved."

Greenbelt is raising money for the film through a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo.

They have less than 60 days to reach their goal of $15,000. A donation of $100 will get a spot as a special guest at a test screening in London. For $150, the donor's name will appear in the documentary credits. Donors of $500 will get to attend the launch screening in London along with a guest.

The film is being made by the award-winning Blue Hippo Media.

Film director Pip Piper said: "Blue Hippo is delighted to be working alongside Greenbelt to make this film. As a Greenbelter myself, I knew the crowd-finding campaign would capture people's imagination and I knew Greenbelters would be generous. It's been extremely good to see how the campaign has got off to a great start."

BBC Radio presenter Simon Mayo said: "Great to hear Greenbelt are shooting a film to mark the 40th festival next summer. Can't wait to see it ... my back feels as if I've camped at every one."

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