New consortium to equip Christians in social media

HCJB Global and Feba UK have joined forces to equip Christians with new media skills and resources that will help them reach non-Christians more effectively.

They hope other Christian organisations will join the OneSheep consortium and pool their know-how and experience towards researching and developing new ways of communicating the Gospel through social media.

Part of the research will look at how young people are consuming and communicating via social media.

Projects that impact unreached and limited-access people groups will be prioritised, the organisations say.

Social media content to emerge from the consortium will be published on a dedicated website,

The organisations will also work together on providing mentoring and training on the use of new media and how it can be used to link online and offline ministry.

"Working together is far more effective than working alone," said Wayne Pederson, president of HCJB Global.

"Our rapidly changing world expects instant information, especially the younger generation.

"This consortium will strengthen the capacity and creativity of both HCJB Global and Feba UK and empower both organisations to better reach the youth of today."

Jonathan Frank, Feba UK chief executive officer, said: "Whilst radio continues to be of huge importance, newer forms of media are increasingly vital as we seek to engage with communities in many different situations around the world.

"In choosing to work with HCJB Global as we invest together in this consortium, we are looking forward to sharing the experience and inspiration that each of us brings, so that together we can be more effective in God's Kingdom work."