New Church Centre to Help Aids Orphans in Botswana

|PIC1|A new building being erected by the Anglican Church in Botswana will help to energise a deprived township on the outskirts of the capital city Gaborone, says USPG.

Former USPG mission companion the Very Rev Nick Darby helped to instigate the project, which will see the creation of an attractive dual-purpose building to serve as both a church and a day centre for Aids orphans.

Nick explained that HIV and Aids tended to be more prevalent in communities that also struggled with crime, poverty and a lack of support. He is hoping that by reaching out into the community, the new church will have a positive influence, even helping to reduce the incidence of HIV and Aids.

He said: "Most orphans are looked after by grandparents and extended families because there are no residential orphanages. But our new building will free up the caregivers so that they can go out and earn a living to help escape the poverty trap.

"Aids is decimating families and affecting children, but I hope the new church will attract a stable worshipping community which is demonstrating its commitment by caring for the most vulnerable.

"It's the gospel message translated into something visible, that is the gospel imperative to care for orphans and widows."

Nick added that the look and style of the new centre was also important.

He said of the building, which will be a traditional round construction, with a grass roof, held up by wooden poles: "We want to recognise the local style of architecture and make the building as attractive as possible.

"When people live in a deprived area they actually need buildings that are inspirational and attractive. A lot of buildings around there are breezeblock with a tin roof, so we want to build something that's beautiful."

[Source: USPG]