New challenge to get Bible off the shelves and into hands

Biblefresh has launched a brand new challenge to help Christians share Bible verses with their friends, neighbours and colleagues.

The Viral Bible Challenge is part of a wider effort to engage more people in the Bible during the 400th anniversary year of the King James Version.

The concept of the challenge is simple: get your hands on a Bible you are no longer using and register online at the Viral Bible website for a unique code to write in the Bible.

Then pass your Bible onto to someone else and get them to choose their favourite verse, which can then be entered next to the unique code on the Viral Bible website.

The prize for the owner of the first Bible to reach 2,000 entries is an iPad.

Biblefresh creator Krish Kandiah hopes the challenge will give Bibles gathering dust a new lease of life.

He said it was about getting as many people as possible to take part, whether they're Christian or not, and living in the UK or beyond.

“This is an incredible chance to get the Bible out of our houses and into our lives," he said.

"What good is the Bible doing if it’s stuck on our shelf, hiding between the encyclopaedia and cookery books?"

Christians can even get into the spirit of things by customising their Bibles with their own artwork.

“The Bible is not just for the church,” he says.

“If we’re not helping our friends who don’t know God discover what the Bible has to say then we’re missing a great opportunity. This is a fun way to get people thinking about Bible stories they still recall, or verses they were taught.”

To take part in the Viral Bible Challenge go to