New centre brings joy to children in Philippines

Church Mission Society partners have opened up a new children's centre in an impoverished neighbourhood close to Manila.

The centre was established in Angeles by Jigsaw Kids Ministries, a project founded by CMS mission partners Kate and Tim Lee.

It is now the fifth children's centre to be established in the Manila area by Jigsaw.

The centres are bringing hope to more than 1,300 children in poverty through school sponsorship, literacy classes and nutritious food.

Leadership of the Angeles centre has been handed over to local mission partner Lendehl Sallidao.

Sallidao said: "Jigsaw is a family of God where love can grow.

"My heart cries with joy when I see children I first met five years ago - although many still live in slums, they come to the centres cheerfully. Many now serve us.

"They are no longer alone, but part of a big, loving family."