New campaign to protect children from sex on TV

A campaign has been launched in Wales today to stop unsuitable TV and radio programmes from being aired pre-watershed.

Parents are being asked to send bilingual postcards to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom to complain about sexualised content and swearing on television and radio programmes that young children watch or listen to.

The effort is being led by the Welsh branch of the Mothers' Union and is part of the charity's UK-wide Bye Buy Childhood highlighting the sexualisation of children.

Some 10,000 postcards have already been sent out to Mothers' Union supporters to kickstart the campaign.

Sheila Jones, a social policy officer for the charity, said, “Having gone around Wales talking to people about the Bye Buy Childhood campaign, we met lots of people who were appalled at the amount of material on television before 9pm which they felt was inappropriate for children.

"They were unhappy with suggestive moves and songs in staged dances, for example, the dress code of some young presenters and the amount of bad language.

"Many of them were people who would not naturally turn go online to voice their concerns so we thought a bilingual postcard they could fill in would be the most effective way for them to protest.”