New campaign reminds women they are precious

The online hub for young women, Milk & Honey, has launched a new campaign tackling low self-esteem among women.

The I Am Precious campaign addresses the pressures of being a woman in today's image-conscious society, from self-acceptance to weight issues.

The heart behind the campaign is to reinforce in women that they are precious regardless of what life throws at them and remind them that they are not defined by the values of the world but God, who sees them as beautiful just as they are.

A short film made for the campaign features women lost in brokenness, sharing all the ways they think they are not precious. The video takes a turn when the women shut out the condemning voices and choose to listen to the voice of God, which tells them how precious they really are.

"I don't need to hear a man's voice to remind me of my cost," says one woman in the video.

"My beauty isn't judged by the length of my hair," says another woman.

The video was written and directed by the June Brothers ahead of Milk & Honey's Precious Conference on 22 June.

The conference is aimed at 16 to 25-year-olds and takes place at St Mary's Church, Marylebone, in London.

Special guests and speakers on the day are: Charlie Blythe, from The A21 Campaign, Hannah Thompson, Mercy Ministries, Jen Baker, Hope City Church, Jonny Lee, from Birmingham Christian Centre, Guvna B, Daughters of Davis, Philippa Hanna, JC Villafan, and Miriam Swaffield, of Fusion UK.

Watch the I Am Precious short film here:

For more details about the conference, watch the trailer video: 

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