PHOTOS: Blue Ivy Carter - Beyonce's leaked promo video for "Rise" perfume [WATCH]

Beyonce and Blue Ivy CarterBeyonce/Tumblr

It has been over two years since pop star Beyonce gave birth to her daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Jan. 7, 2012.

Blue Ivy recently celebrated her second birthday in what looks to be a princess-themed party. Beyonce shared photographs of herself and her adorable two-year-old daughter with face paint and wearing a sparkly tiara fit for a princess.

Beyonce also shared a photo of the birthday cake, which was a two-tier cake frosted in pink and white with a tiara on top.

Another photo not related to the party shows the whole family together, with Jay-Z holding Blue Ivy with Beyonce standing next to pair and looking up at something in the sky.

The princess themed party also included a special guest – Dora the Explorer. Among her many toys was a Minnie Mouse toy car and a horse.

Guests at the birthday party included former Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Meanwhile, a teaser video of what seems to be a promo for Beyonce's new perfume "Rise" has been making the rounds online. The clip shows a cloud of gold dust before the singer emerges swinging her hair side to side with glitter flying around.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy CarterBeyonce/Tumblr
Cake for Blue Ivy CarterBeyonce/Tumblr
Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue IvyBeyonce/Tumblr
Beyonce at Blue Ivy's birthday partyBeyonce/Tumblr

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