New Bible-based game for Facebook users

A US-based digital technology company is launching a new biblical game for Facebook users.

Hexify is hoping Journey of Moses will fill the void in the market for Bible-based games on the social networking site.

The game takes players through many twists and turns as they explore milestones in the life of the Old Testament figure, from growing up as an Egyptian in the king's palace, to living in exile in the wilderness, his encounter with the burning bush, and the moment he leads the Israelites out of Pharoah's rule.

The game incorporates music, graphics and puzzles all aimed at helping players to learn more about Moses while having fun.

Brent Dusing, chief executive of Hexify said: "Whether you already play social games or you are interested in the story of Moses, we believe we have created a game that everyone can enjoy."

He added: "We were careful to adhere to the accounts in the Bible and the overarching spirit of the story, even vetting certain aspects with theological leaders."

As with other Facebook games, Journey of Moses is free to play but additional goods can be purchased by players to enhance their experience.

"With web-based games played on social networks drawing nearly half a billion people worldwide, we felt it was time for a biblically based game that showcases one of the greatest adventures of all time," said Dusing.

To play the game, visit:

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