Nevada Caucus: Clinton and Sanders speak at same black majority church in Las Vegas

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spoke at the same black majority baptist church in Las Vagas on Sunday ahead of Saturday's Nevada Democratic caucus.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton spoke at the same black-majority church on Sunday in Las VagasReuters

Both democratic candidates spoke at Victory Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday.

"I'm excited they are here, and I am encouraged that they are willing to sit at the same church at the same service, at the same time," Rev Robert Fowler Sr told the congregation, according to the New York Times.

Clinton was accompanied by civil rights icon John Lewis, who has endorsed her candidacy.

As Sanders was first to contact the church, he spoke first.

"Some of us believe that what God teaches us and what this world is about is that we do not turn our backs on our brothers and our sisters, that essentially we are in this together," Sanders said.

"I have four beautiful kids and seven grandchildren. I want you to worry about my kids, and I have got to worry about your children and your grandchildren.

"That's what this church is about, and that's what our existence is about," 74-year-old Sanders continued. "But there are people out there today who say what the world is about is me. 'I got to make as much money as I can. I've got to become a billionaire.'"

Nevada was among the hardest hit during the 2008 recession, he said. "No state in America knows more about the impact of the greed and illegal behavior of Wall Street than the state of Nevada. This state was decimated. We have made great progress but much more needs to be done."

Sanders also focused on his desire to reform and demilitarise the police, ensuring accountability among officers.

Clinton, who leads the Nevada Democratic Primary polls by 11.5 per cent, was introduced by Lewis, who declared that she was "prepared" and "ready" to be the next president.

During her speech, she said she agreed with Sanders that "we can never let big banks wreck our economy. No bank is too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail."

however, she also said that, unlike Sanders, "I am not a single-issue candidate, and this is not a single-issue country."

"Because if we were to achieve everything about banks and money in politics, would that end racism? Would that make it automatically going to happen that people would be able to get the jobs they deserve, the housing they need, the education their children need to have?"