Netflix news: 'Bring It On' and more to become available in May

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Netflix's list of available movies changes from month to month, with very popular choices usually lasting much longer than others. According to the Hollywood Reporter, several popular films from 2015 will also be available this coming May, including "Goosebumps" and "The Keeping Room."

Starting May 1 several films such as "Great Expectations," "Bring It On" and its sequel "Bring It On: All or Nothing," "To Catch a Thief," "Pleasantville" and multiple Kevin Hart films will be available on the streaming network. May 2 will follow with Keanu Reeves's "The Replacements."

By May 4 both "Shanghai Knights" and the U.S. Civil War-period film "The Keeping Room" will be available. May 11 also marks a significant date as it sees several big-budget and well-known movies being added to the stream list. "Goosebumps," "Chelsea" and They Like People" will be available to stream.

"American Dad" season 10 will go online on Netflix starting May 17, along with the first season of "Slasher" and the film "Kindergarten Cop 2," which stars Dolph Lundgren in the role as an undercover police masquerading as a teacher for kids. The first film famously starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the leading undercover cop.

The 2015 "David and Goliath" film will be online starting May 22, alongside "The Letters" and "The Oujia Experiment 2." "The Last Man on the Moon" will launch by May 26 and the following day, May 27, will see four different Netflix originals such as "The Do-Over" become available.

"Hell on Wheels" season 5 will be the last new show that Netflix will offer for the month of May.

Of the films aforementioned, some of the biggest titles include "Goosebumps" and "Shanghai Knights." The former focuses on author R.L. Stine, portrayed by Jack Black, as the monsters in his books suddenly come to life. The latter is a sequel to "Shanghai Noon" and once again sees partners Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan in a period action film.