Netflix May 2016 news: Films, TV series to arrive, stay, go

As summer in the U.S. draws closer, Netflix is heating things up a bit with its list of shows coming this month. The streaming service is bringing in more original television series but fewer movies.

French star Gerard Depardieu is set to grace the screen in the newest Netflix Original series "Marseille." The show centers on a former mayor of the French city who goes head to head with his former protegee in the political arena. The show is available in the French language and according to Polygon, it is reminiscent of the film "The Ideas of March." It will air starting May 5.

Other series that will see their first season on Netflix include: "LoliRock" on May 1; "Slasher" on May 17; "Benders" on May 19; and "Lady Dynamite" on May 20.

"Bloodline," meanwhile, will be in its second season, which is not a big surprise considering the good reviews it received from critics when it premiered last year. Starring Kyle Chandler and Ben Mendelsohn, the show focuses on a family who is reunitied upon the return of a long-lost brother, only to have secrets discovered and unravelled. It will start airing on May 27.

Other series that will return to Netflix are "Big Daddy" season 5, "Grace and Frankie" season 2, and "Young & Hungry" season 3 on May 6; "American Dad" season 10 on May 17; "Graceland" season 3 on May 24; "Bloodline" season 2, "Chef's Table" season 2 part 1, and "Mako Mermaids" season 4 on May 27; and "Hells on Wheels" season 5 on May 28.

Films that will be shown starting this month include 2016 films "A Study in Sherlock," "Who's Driving Doug," and "Gary Gulman: It's About Time" on May 1; "Kindergarten Cop 2" on May 17; and "The Last Man on the Moon" on May 24. From 2015, there are: "Ava's Possessions," "Kevin Hart," "Palm Trees in the Snow," "Sugar Coated," "Terra," "The Keeping Room," "Fourth Man Out," "Goosebumps," among many others. There are also films from earlier years, such as "Shanghai Knights" from 2003 and "Sixteen Candles" from 1984.

With the arrival of new shows and films, there are those that will be saying goodbye, including "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Blade Runner," "Black Hawk Down," "Full Metal Jacket," and "Clerks," to name a few.

Netflix is a global streaming service that offers original programs as well as films and television shows from studios.