'NCIS' season 14 cast, spoilers: after Michael Weatherly's exit, show will still have humor, says EP

Michael Weatherly's Agent DiNozzo officially exits the showCBS

"NCIS" is moving forward with season 14 but it will do so without Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo. Despite the sudden shake-up in the show's cast, executive producer Gary Glasberg has spoken with Deadline and confirmed that the series will be able to maintain its overall tone and style.

Glasberg confirmed that because the finale of season 13 did not show Ziva's (Cote de Pablo) corpse it is still possible she is alive and recovering. However, because of the introduction of Tali, Tony's daughter with Ziva, the character was written out in a way that would keep the doors open for both characters to one day return if the actors were willing.

Even without Tony around, however, Glasberg confirmed that the show will still feel the same.

"'NCIS' as a show, as a franchise, doesn't change. The humor is still there, the pathos is still there, the human mystery, the fun in the storytelling," the executive producer explained. "At the end of the day we move forward, look ahead, find new characters, new dynamics, new interplay in the way this family functions. The tone won't change."

The executive producer also explained that the main goal right now is to determine how they are going to move forward, collaborating with the writers and the producers to tell a story in season 14 that will push the series forward while still keeping it relevant and recognizable as the show that fans first fell in love with.

Glasberg also stated that the show still has a main lead with Mark Harmon as Special Agent Gibbs and the rest of the main roster is still in place so there will still be some of the usual dynamics but there will also be new angles as new characters are also introduced into the show. 

"NCIS" season 14 is expected to premiere this fall.