NBC show 'Good Girls' accused of having misleading title because of its 'offensive content'

'Good Girls' has been slammed by One Million Moms for its inappropriate content for kids.(PHOTO: Facebook/Good Girls)

It seems like more and more TV shows are airing brazen content these days. This time, the Christian watchdog group, One Million Moms, has set its sights on NBC's newest program, "Good Girls."

The title is misleading, the group wrote on its website, because it highlights "the worst possible characteristics a mother could have." The show might have a TV-14 DLSV rating, but the group deemed it totally inappropriate for family viewing because of its "offensive content."

"The name of the show along with the age of the child cast members will attract young viewers. The content in this program and in its commercials is inappropriate and will send the wrong message to America's youth," the group wrote. "Offensive content in the program includes: thief, laundering drug money, murder, affairs, sexual dialogue, alcohol abuse, foul language, and attempted rape."

1MM added that almost every scene is laced with sexual innuendos and noted that within the first few minutes of the show, it had already featured a mom on all fours on a table getting a Brazilian wax while talking about her love life. The dad, on the other hand, was performing oral sex on an employee at work.

Three moms in the show also committed premeditated robbery right after dropping their kids off at school, and a child actor is showcased as a gender non-binary tween. "That was in the first few minutes! This vile content should not be on television, let alone primetime," the group said.

Aside from "Good Girls," another show that 1MM takes issue with is "The Mick." They have already criticized the show for being vulgar and crude, and more recently because an episode ridiculed senior citizens and disabled veterans.

"This irresponsible and tasteless program is inappropriate for any age, but unfortunately, the age of the primary cast members may attract young viewers," the group lamented.