NBA star Jeremy Lin shares his secret to improving prayer life

(PHOTO: Instagram/Jeremy Lin)Jeremy Lin improved his prayer life by referring to God as 'Dad.'

NBA star Jeremy Lin, who is currently the point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, revealed the secret in how he managed to improve his conversations with God.

In an e-mail sent to his digital prayer warriors, Lin shared that he managed to "experience God more abundantly in prayer" when he began addressing God as "Dad," according to the Gospel Herald. In doing so, Lin said his prayers to God become "more natural, vulnerable and engaging."

"This has been a theme at the church I attend in Brooklyn, as well as something that God has put on my heart for quite some time now," he said.

Some Christians feel distant towards God because of His greatness. On the other hand, some feel ashamed to approach God because of their sins. So in order to "come and connect with God," Lin decided to approach his Savior like a child approaches a loving Father.

"I don't need to pray in church lingo or with the most extravagant vocabulary," he said. "I just need to come as I am because He loves me as I am.

"One way I've practically made this change is instead of addressing Him as 'God,' I say 'Dad,'" Lin continued. "I'm someone who says 'God' throughout my prayer, but I'm actively trying to replace it with 'Dad.'"

By thinking of God as his Father, Lin said he is constantly reminded of His love and it has become easier to pray. "There's no magical words or formula," he said. "He just wants time and relationship with me!! As a result, I've found my prayers to be more natural, vulnerable and engaging!"

Lin recently injured himself on opening night in Indianapolis, according to Nets Daily. The Christian athlete suffered from a ruptured patellar tendon, and he now requires season-ending surgery. He posted on Instagram (@jlin7) that he is now working to restoring his body in Vancouver.

"The goal is to rebuild my body from the ground up, each and every muscle and joint, not just the patella tendon. I can't wait to get healthy, come back even stronger," he said.