'NBA 2K18' Nintendo Switch version poses challenges for game developers

Facebook/NBA2KThe promotional poster for the upcoming basketball game by 2K Games, "NBA 2K18."

The imminent release of 2K games' "NBA 2K18" is just around the corner, and Nintendo Switch owners should be excited about the game being made available for their consoles. Some reports have surfaced, revealing that the process of porting the game to the Switch was not an easy task.

According to Twinfinite, the task of converting the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of "NBA 2K18" to a Nintendo Switch version was not a walk in the park. Video game developers, 2K Games, had acquired the services of one entire group whose sole purpose was to make sure that the port to the Switch was successful come the release date.

In an interview conducted with GameReactor, the game's senior producer, Rob Jones stated that the team was dedicated to replicating the same player experience from that of the PS4 and the Xbox One, to make the Switch version equally as enjoyable. He also stated that "we were already working really, really hard just to get it on platforms we already knew, and then suddenly to take that and miniaturise it for the portable."

One possible reason that this was difficult for the 2K Games team to pull off was because of the hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch, which allows players to take their games wherever they go since the controllers have built-in screens on them. The challenge was for 2K Games to make "NBA 2K18" have this type of reverse-compatibility. This is so that players can have the option to conveniently play the game on the go, or docked.

The creators of the game are proud to say that they have been successful in making the necessary adjustments for the Nintendo Switch regarding player experience. However, it is also notable that the graphics are not at par with the other consoles. Twinfinite reported that the Switch version will only be running at 30 frames-per second (FPS) instead of the conventional 60 FPS that the Xbox One and PS4 can easily handle.

Regardless of the slight misgivings in terms of visuals, players and video game critics alike will be sounding off on the internet as soon as the game is launched, which will be on Sept. 19 for regular buyers of the game. Those who have pre-ordered the game will have access to "NBA 2K18" as early as Sept. 15.