NBA 2K16: New game in the works as development starts

NBA fans who have been addicted to NBA2k15 can now look forward to the next on after reports have it that NBA 2K16 development is currently underway.

After garnering success with the current NBA 2K15, game developers are currently busy at work starting with full-body scans of players from two NBA teams, the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets.

This means that instead of the traditional face-only scan that the game carries, the next installment will showcase the full body of players meaning better graphics and images and hence new improvements to the game.

That also means that there is a lot of work to be done if they plan to do this for all the players of current NBA teams and that is perhaps the reason why the company has started game development early.

News broke out after the Twitter accounts of the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets released photos of players half-naked and their bodies being scanned by Pixel Gun Studios for 2K Sports.

In a tweet on Jan. 16, the Miami Heat said: "Today the players dropped by #pixelgunstudio to have their body scans done for #NBA2K16! Meanwhile, on Jan. 21, the Brooklyn Nets said, "First order of business in California: Image scans for #NBA2K16."

With work underway, many gamers are hoping that the next version will be a better one than the current version although higher graphic requirements could be needed to avoid laggy gameplay stemming from these full-body scans once applied to in-game play.