Natalie Mains solo album video: 'Mother' released 7 years after Dixie Chick's last album

Natalie Maines/Twitter

Dixie Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines has officially released her first-ever solo album Tuesday.

The new album is titled, "Mother" and is significantly different from the Chicks' usual country music style with a much more edgy feel.

The release of "Mother" will be almost seven years after the Dixie Chicks released their last album, "Taking the Long Way."

Artists such as Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam have collaborated in the songs featured. The Dixie Chicks are an American country music band composed of founding members Martie Erwin Maguire, Emily Erwin Robison, and Natalie Maines. The band was formed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas. Their hit songs include "There's Your Trouble" and "Wide Open Spaces".

The band was heavily criticized in 2003 for their outcry against the Iraq invasion. Maines slammed the decision at a London concert just 10 days before the invasion, saying "we don't want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States [George W. Bush] is from Texas."

As of last year, the Dixie Chicks had won 13 Grammy Awards, including a Grammy award for Album of the Year in 2007 for "Taking the Long Way."

They have sold over 30 million albums worldwide and is one of the biggest selling country pop group in the U.S.

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