Muslims, Jews and Christians open joint house of worship as 'good example of togetherness'

AP Images / Kevin Frayer

It was once a city where Jews suffered for their faith but the new House of One is testimony to how different a city Berlin is today.

The House of One is a new multi-level centre being built in Petriplatz that will contain a mosque, a synagogue and a church, the BBC reports.

The site itself is significant, having once been home to the 12th century St Petri church that was badly damaged in the liberation of Berlin at the end of World War Two.  Its remnants were later completely destroyed by the East German authorities.

The idea of restoring the site to a place of worship came six years ago when archaeologists unearthed an ancient graveyard.

Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin told the BBC: "From my Jewish point of view the city where Jewish suffering was planned is now the city where a centre is being built by the three monotheistic religions which shaped European culture."

Although the House of One will be a place of worship for the three faiths, the areas of worship will keep their distinctiveness, says one of the key figures in the project, Pastor Gregor Hohberg.

There will be an area to wash feet at the mosque, while the church will have an organ. Both the mosque and synagogue will have two levels; the church just one.

At the heart of the building will be a room that is used for dialogue, discussion and as a place of welcome for those without faith.

"Berlin is a city where people come together from all over the world and we want to give a good example of togetherness," said Pastor Hohberg.

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