Muslims and Christians unite under Christmas tree on site of Jesus' baptism

Jordan is celebrating Christmas and the peaceful relations between Christians and Muslims there by lighting up a 12-metre tree at the site popularly believed to be the location of Jesus' baptism.

People take pictures during a celebration of the lighting of a 12-metre-tall Christmas tree at a Lutheran church, which stands on a baptism site on the Jordan River.Reuters

The celebration, held on Sunday at a Lutheran church which stands on the baptism site on the Jordan River, focused on sending a message of peace and involved a performance by the Jordanian police band.

Members of the police band performing in the celebrations on SundayReuters

The event was hosted by the president of the Lutheran World Federation in Shouneh, who said: "It is a national day when we are lighting this tree to tell the world that living together Muslims and Christians is possible.

"Jordan has become a model and it is possible in Jordan, it can be possible all over the world."