Muslims turned believers feel Christ's presence in Lebanon as they minister to Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees line up to receive aid for the winter from the U.N. refugee agency in Tripoli, northern Lebanon.Reuters

"The love of Christ burns inside them."

The statement came from the director of Christian Aid Mission, an evangelical missionary organisation. The unnamed official was referring to former Muslims who put their faith in Christ and who are now ministering to the multitude of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Gospel Herald reports.

Notwithstanding their emotional and physical fatigue, these Christian converts are exerting their best effort to minister to the refugees traumatised by the brutality of Islamist radicals who have destroyed their homes and made life unbearable for them.

The Mission director said one of the Christian workers told him that he recently encountered the Lord, feeling His presence in the refugee camp when he suddenly awoke at 3 a.m.

As a result of that encounter, the worker's "faith was strengthened and renewed," the director said.

Another ministry worker has started five prayer groups for women despite her illiteracy, the director said. She uses audio media to share the gospel, and God has used her in remarkable ways, the director added.

"She doesn't cease to share the love of Christ with those that she encounters, and we know the only explanation for how she can do all this is the Holy Spirit," he said.

Another former Muslim who embraced Christ under the Mission's guidance decided to return to the community where he grew up in south Lebanon to share the Gospel despite the dangers that await him.

"He is a fisherman with a heart for God and an eagerness to minister to his people, no matter how dangerous it may be," the director said. "He presently has eight people meeting daily in his home for prayer. There is currently no funding for him and his ministry there, but he continues with what he feels God wants him to do. The cost is so high for him, but he persists and cares so deeply for his neighbours, family, and friends."

Two other ministry workers recently said they received a divine call to go to Syria to proclaim Christ there. Although both of them are also illiterate, they said this is not a problem since they will use audio media to share the gospel with others.

"When asked why they are going when it is so dangerous, they responded that they just can't wait for others," the director said. "The love of Christ burns inside them, and they are ministering to many people that have never heard about Jesus. They know people need Jesus, and they don't let anything stop them from sharing the good news."